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The Van Every/Smith Galleries are a venue for educational contemporary art experiences for students and members of the Davidson community, as well as for national and international visitors to the campus. Gallery programs are made possible, in part, because of the generosity of individual donors, grants, foundations, and endowments.

Click here and select “other” from the drop-down menu. Designate your gift to the Herb Jackson and Laura Grosch Gallery Fund (to support current gallery programs) or to the Herb Jackson and Laura Grosch Gallery Endowment (to support long-term funding of the gallery).

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Herb Jackson – Etchings

Herb Jackson etching of manThese etchings were on view in the 2009 Faculty Exhibition in the Van Every Gallery. All etchings are $450 framed.


Chris Johanson, “The Award of Self”

Chris Johanson, “The Award of Self” posed figures exhibitIn collaboration with the artists of Art Works 945 at the Urban Ministries Center in Charlotte, NC, Chris Johanson created the series The Award of Self for the spring 2009 installation at Davidson College, Chris Johanson: CONTINUALITY.

Each of the twenty-nine works is $1,800 (including S+H within the continental U.S.) with proceeds benefiting Davidson College’s Van Every/Smith Galleries and Art Works 945.

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“Regina José Galindo: Bearing Witness” Review in Sculpture Magazine - November 2016

Regina José Galindo: Acts of Endurance by Barbara Schreiber Regina José Galindo’s performances are often shocking and degrading. Sometimes naked, she is tasered, hit, bloodied, anesthetized, urinated on, or left for dead. “Bearing Witness,” at North Carolina’s David son College last fall, was Galindo’s first solo show in the United States. Curator Lia Newman gathered […]

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