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Elizabeth Harry: Terrors and Salvations

April 24–April 29, 2014


Elizabeth Harry’s solo exhibition Terrors and Salvations is part of an on-going series of Senior Studio Art Majors exhibitions in the Edward M. Smith Gallery.

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Opening Reception: Friday, April 25, 4:30-5:30 p.m.

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“Regina José Galindo: Bearing Witness” Review in Sculpture Magazine - November 2016

Regina José Galindo: Acts of Endurance by Barbara Schreiber Regina José Galindo’s performances are often shocking and degrading. Sometimes naked, she is tasered, hit, bloodied, anesthetized, urinated on, or left for dead. “Bearing Witness,” at North Carolina’s David son College last fall, was Galindo’s first solo show in the United States. Curator Lia Newman gathered […]

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