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Cassidy Schultz: Into the Liminal

March 23 – 28, 2017


Into the Liminal is a solo exhibition by Cassidy Schultz ’17, and is part of an on-going series of Senior Studio Art Major exhibitions in the Edward M. Smith Gallery.

“There is a threshold of leaving what is certain – stepping in a new direction, toward a new country, culture, city or even a neighbor’s house. The concreteness of architecture; palaces, temples, homes, monuments, defines and outlines less tangible transitional spaces. The entrances or exits from a place, a particular culture, a belonging. I am interested in capturing the moment of possibility, the liminal space between those certainties. A space that mirrors a step, foot hovering off the ground but not yet planted on a path. There is a risk of falling, but that moment before landing opens into undefined potential.

I draw inspiration from my own photographs, using them to reexamine my sense of belonging or uncertainty and the awareness of myself in a new space. I work with architectural images, three-dimensional constructions that are subverted as two-dimensional silhouettes. The silhouettes, made of hand-cut tar paper, deny the construction of a building. They serve the architectural function of defining a space, dictating movement but cannot be truly inhabited. Neither entirely flat nor sculptural, the pieces themselves occupy this liminal space of possibility.”



Opening Reception – Thursday, March 23, 4:30pm

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